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When my colleague prompt the question "Want to hike up Mount Kinabalu?"- the answer was an instant yes! I had always wanted to do something adventurous but never had the companions to do so. The game was set and boy, was it one of the best decisions I have made. =)

Beautiful sunrise from Low's peak of Mount Kinabalu

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Mawaru mawaru~

I watch anime to mind-fuck myself.

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A New Year!

So begins another year! Still happily single...though there's peer pressure all around when friends get hitched. *sighs* Here's to another *hopefully* great year! XD

Lasik follow-up

My last check-up showed that my vision has improved albeit some residual astigmatism on my left eye *sighs* Left eye why do you trouble me were always the trouble-maker - conjunctival hemorrhage, conjunctivitis, name it. Even surgery took longer on my left. (>__<)

Anyway, power on my right is 0 with 0.25 astigmatism and my left with 0.25 and 0.75 astigmatism. Doctor said the borderline should be 0.5 and that's why my left eye is blurry even though my astigmatism has been halved. The surface of my left eye is a bit gritty so the doctor advised me to frequently apply artificial teardrops to see whether my astigmatism could improve. Re-treatment would not be necessary as there is not affect on functionality unless I want to have (near)perfect vision on paper. So far no problems *crosses fingers* and hopefully my astigmatism would drop by my next follow-up. /(>__<)\


Vanity project: Lasik

So with my recent Lasik procedure I guess I'm on the roll with my "vanity project". Lol. It started with my smile correction with orthodontics and just yesterday, vision correction. Yeah baby! Currently it's a relive to not wear spectacles....oh the freedom! \(*o*)/

Just to share my experience with Lasik and maybe to rebuff some horror stories about Lasik. The procedure should be evaluated for its pros and cons so one should do the necessary reading about it and be mentally prepared before deciding to go for it. My take on it? I had done my share of researching blogs, papers and interviewing friends who underwent Lasik. Equipped with the knowledge and support from my family, I made the final decision a few days after my eye assessment.

My myopia degree was L -2.50 R -4.00 with around 100-150 astigmatism and is considered a normal and suitable candidate. The lasik procedure was done using Alcon's WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser. The procedure itself was actually quite frightening. I thought I knew enough by studying illustrations but it's a different story all together when you're on the surgical bed. The flashing lights and the occasional blackouts due to the suction used made me think of an alien abduction experiment. Lol. Even after taking half a pill of anti-anxiety medication, I was nearly having a panic attack in the end. Thank god the surgeon was explaining what he was doing the entire time to relieve my anxiety. I was almost in tears due to fear in the end but after the procedure I heaved a huge sigh of relief. My eyes were red and stingy with blurred vision but after a few hours rest, I felt much better.

As I woke up this morning my vision has improved a lot! My follow-up check-up showed improvement in both my eyes but my left is still hazy on its own. The doctor reassured me that my vision is still fluctuating and constant monitoring is still necessary. However I still can see without spectacles though with a bit glare with bright lights. Not much symptoms to report - just occasional cornea dryness and glares with lights. So far the results are good therefore I don't regret my decision to do Lasik. Au revoir specs! So to anyone who is interested in getting vision correction, the most important thing is to do your research before deciding!

Credits to original artist - whoever you are

Something my friend sent to me when I was still deciding whether to go for Lasik. Lol. Though my image might be projected differently (I hope not!), the convenience.....I mean, the freedom from wearing specs is an entirely separate matter altogether. I can still look smart/artistic/fashionable/hard to get with fake specs. =p



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