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Hannibal is life changing

Hannigram. Marathoned 3 seasons and these murder husbands are too much for my heart.

Withdrawal symptoms will be painful. Season 4 where art thou?

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Why are there no magical realms here

As foretold by my previous post, I had signed up for a retake of the exam! wheee.....not. Gah, the longer I am in service, the lazier I get in studying. Now I get why you should do postgrad studies asap. Working life seriously drains you of any motivation. Welcome to the drone life.

On the brighter side, December is the month of "blockbuster" movies (parenthesis as it a subjective matter ;p). Watched Fantastic Beasts recently and as much as the plot is questionable, the magical world setting is always a charm! Scamander is cute in an L way (fellow Aspergers?). Was a bit tad disappointed that Thunderbird wasn't in the actual book despite it claiming to be the 52nd edition. Bullocks!


Emo rant

My first update in awhile and I do a rant post. Le sigh. Guess life is really unpredictable? After failing a communication exam twice in a row, I'm starting to doubt my communication skills and my career path. Not that it's a compulsory thing in my career but all my friends passed on their first attempt so my pride have been crumbled to bits. Maybe I wasn't meant to do the talking? Should I have chosen a path where I could just stay silent and buried in books? A librarian job seems very tempting to me now but gah, I'm too old and had invested too much time and money into my current path. Now I'm having second thoughts about pursuing my masters (>__<).

I'm not sure whether I'm quite positive in my thinking as, well, exams can be retaken and money can be earned. If you fall down, just get up again. But I'm feeling quite empty right now. Like this failure isn't getting me down or anything. Shouldn't I beat myself down because this exam ain't cheap and there was a lot of emotional stress preparing for the exams? Have I lost my passion in my job? Or maybe I have desensitised myself to life and expect nothing from the world anymore. Anyway, I have resolved myself to retake the exam again in maybe a year's time? I must be some kind of masochist. (T__T)


Lack of updates

So to keep this blog alive, I just want to say.... why is there no coverage on JoJo?!! (>__<) No blogs review the anime and that makes me sad to see no fanfare for the GARRRest series ever. Just have to patiently wait for the BDs to come out and enjoy the show. le sigh.

Anyway on another note, my Part 2 exams is in a months' time and I have no clue what I'm doing. Pure my style.
When my colleague prompt the question "Want to hike up Mount Kinabalu?"- the answer was an instant yes! I had always wanted to do something adventurous but never had the companions to do so. The game was set and boy, was it one of the best decisions I have made. =)

Beautiful sunrise from Low's peak of Mount Kinabalu

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