Waking Briar Rose ver.9

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Ai Leng
10 August 1986
Gintoki Mood theme credits to paako

Here writes an Asian girl who is a radical dreamer that has no life with a serious obsession with anime, manga, music & bishounen ::yummy:: ^^. Take them away, this schizoid will be a walking zombie. ::They're my life, for crying out loud!:: Easily addicted to anything that interests her, she loves to hang out with her friends, play psycho and lives in a fantasy world in the arms of her bishies.
Desperately seeking the meaning of her existence in life, she's a daydreamer with an addiction to the net, who spends her time ogling over pretty boys. ::sighs:: Not forgetting to mention that she's also a crazy fan of BL. Thankfully she's not on crack....
May Buddha bless her tiny soul.

Colorbar by crystal_talbo

~ K H R !   M A F I A   B O Y S   A R E   L O V E ~

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